The Benefits That You Can Enjoy From A Computer Guided Implant Surgery

14 Jul

A computer guided surgery was originally designed for neurosurgery and is now providing a lot of dentists with a number of great benefits, it is helping them achieve a more safe and predictable placement for implants. Even with all the advantages, there is still a low number of dentists that are using a computer guided surgery. 

A computer guided surgery will make use of the CT scan images of the cone beam of the patient to properly plan an implant treatment. Computer guided surgery software will allow you to manipulate and see the images of the jawbone of the patient and the surrounding tissue that will give you a chance to plan the most precise treatment approach. The images from the cone beam CT scan will show you the available bones, vital structures, the thickness of soft tissues, and the proximity and root anatomy of the adjacent teeth.

The benefits that you will get from a computer guided implant surgery.
The accurate and precise implant placement would be the main benefits that you can get from using a computer guided implant surgery. You will be able to preserve the vital anatomical structures better because you will be able to visualize them during a computer guided surgery. As compared to the usual surgical guides that can provide a more predictable outcome, these surgical methods are more trickier to use especially because there are not anatomical references. A more precise planning of the treatment will help prevent any unexpected problems and issues during the surgery. Most of the time the required time for the implant surgery can be greatly reduced which is one good benefit for the patient. But you can still ask yourself why there are still a few number of clinicians or dentists that are using a computer guided implant surgery even with a all the benefits and advantages that it provides. Learn more here, 
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When would be the best time to make use of a computer guided implant surgery?
There are a lot of situations that a computer guided implant surgery can be really useful. You can consider using a computer guided implant surgery if the patient will be needing three or more implants to be sequentially placed or when an implant placement is important to the success of the restoration that is proposed by the dentist. A computer guided implant surgery can also be used for patients who would need a significant change on their bony anatomy or for those people who are having issues with the volume or structure of their bone. The problems that are associated with the proximity of the adjacent teeth or the existing implants can be reduced with the use of a computer guided implant surgery. A computer guided implant surgery can really provide a lot of benefits to both the patient and the dentists. Know more about 

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